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Kerri Mullis » SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Mrs. Sanchez our College adviser for continuing to look for more scholarship opportunities for us!
Link to her spreadsheet here!
Andy Gentry, Roy Russell, Robert Edwards and Bruce Burchette Memorial Scholarships-April 30th
Eligibility Requirements: Applicant must be an Elkin High School student. Students will fill out one application for all of these scholarships.
Scholarship Award: Varies from $200-$500
Turn into guidance by April 30

Joseph Roy Kirkman Teacher Scholarship for SCC-April 30th

Eligibility Requirements: Must be…
a NC resident who plans to enroll in SCC and plans to transfer to 4 year to attain a Bachelor's in Education
may be a high school senior with a 3.0 GPA
Scholarship award: $500
Students must mail this application before April 30th

Joseph Roy Kirkman Teacher Scholarship for 4-year college-April 30th

Eligibility Requirements: Must be…
a NC resident who plans to attend a four year college to pursue and attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Education
may be a high school senior with a 3.0 GPA
Scholarship Award: $1,000 per semester
Students must mail this application before April 30th

National Association of University Women-May 1st

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must demonstrate financial need, reside in Surry County and attend Elkin High School. Must be female.
Scholarship Award: $500

Frontier Natural Gas Scholarship- May 1st

Eligibility Requirements: The applicant must be a U.S. citizen, cannot have a family member employed by Frontier Natural Gas,  be majoring in science, business, or engineering,  and submit an essay from the prompt on the scholarship application.
Scholarship Award: $500
Essay required: “What are the major challenges facing the natural gas industry from an environmental,
political, and operational perspective in both the United States and the World?”
Due to guidance by May 1st

Surry Arts Council Scholarship-May 3rd

Eligibility Requirements: This scholarship seeks students pursuing a degree in music, drama, dance, television/film/communications, visual arts, commercial art, arts administration, or other art-related fields.
Must audition May 22nd-See information on application
Student must mail, email or hand-deliver application

Jaycee’s Penny Walker Remembrance Scholarship-May 6th

Eligibility Requirements: Must be an EHS senior in good academic standing, must be enrolling in a 4 year college in the fall or pursuing a nursing degree at SCC, and must have a record of service to school and community. See the application for additional requirements.
Due to guidance by May 6th

Ed Snyder Masonic Scholarship Application-May 10th

Eligibility: An Elkin High School senior must submit 2 essays, 2 letters of recommendation, and maintain the high standards by which you were selected (if you are selected). These standards are pursuit of excellence, performing your duties to your God, your country, and your neighbors and continuing your efforts to improve yourself. At all times, you should practice courtesy, tolerance, kindness, sympathy, prudence, and temperance. Can be attending any college in the fall.
Scholarship Award: $500
Turn into Guidance by noon on May 10th

Prom Promise/SADD Scholarship-May 10th

Eligibility Requirements: This scholarship is established to recognize an EHS student who exemplifies good character and choices pertaining to drugs and alcohol. To apply, you must have financial need and a GPA of 3.0 or higher. You must abstain from underage drinking and drug use and plan on attending a community or 4-year college.
Scholarship Award: $200
Turn into Guidance by noon on May 10th
EAEF Technical Pathway Scholarship-Due May 10th
Sponsored by Elkin Academic Enrichment Foundation
Eligibility Requirements: 2.5 GPA, CTE concentrator, and plans to attend Surry or Wilkes community college to pursue a 2 year degree, diploma or certification in a technical/career pathway. 
Turn into Guidance by noon on May 10th

Northern Hospital of Surry County Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements: The hospital offers several scholarships for seniors. The basic requirement is if you are a child of NHSC employee. It is open to ALL children of NHSC employees.
See flyer attached-link to application is