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Kerri Mullis » Mental Health

Mental Health

Are you Taking care of your mental health?

 Ability to enjoy life: Can you enjoy the moment?

 Resiliency: Are you able to bounce back from hard times?

 Balance: Are you able to juggle the many aspects of your life?

 Self-Actualization: Do you recognize and develop your strengths so that you can reach your full potential?

 Flexibility: When problems arise, can you change your expectations of life, others, yourself to solve the problem and fell better?


  1. Depression
  2. Bullying
  3. Sexual Activity
  4. Drug Use
  5. Alcohol Use
  6. Obesity
  7. Academic Problems
  8. Peer Pressure
  9. Social Media
  10. On Screen Violence  
Talk with Someone
EHS Students if you are dealing with any mental health problem please talk with someone. You have many people that care about you. Talk with a friend, parent, sibling, other family member, teacher, staff or school counselor. Life is not easy and everyone needs support. Please come see me if you are having trouble coping with a situation, if you want unbiased advice or if you just need someone to listen. I am here! You can come by my office, send me an email or even remind text me 81010 @ 74ke3f. 
As the school counselor at EHS everything you say is confidential unless........ you want to hurt yourself or others and if you are in immediate danger. Then I obviously will collaborate with resources to get you help immediately.