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Media Center » EARTH DAY - 4/22/2020

EARTH DAY - 4/22/2020

 Here Are A Few Activities You Can Do to Celebrate Earth Day at Home
During Social Distancing

This April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which was first celebrated in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues. Since its founding, people around the globe have honored the Earth and supported environmental initiatives on this day. Even though we may be stuck inside and unable to participate in group activities this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can find other ways to celebrate with these Earth Day activities that you can do at home.
Plant a small garden, flower or tree!
Take a walk and enjoy the Earth!
Learn about recycling!
plant a tree take a walk recycling
If you have access to a backyard, a window box, or even a small flower pot, now is the perfect time to plant a garden or a flower. 

Get your family to help plant a flower, some vegetables, a tree — the possibilities are endless.

Find a local gardening center that's open-with some even offering no-contact pickup. You can even have them delivered
straight to your doorstep if there isn’t a garden center near you.
Take a walk or stroll around your neighborhood (while observing social distancing rules) and learn about the plants and animals that live in your area.
You can use the
Native Plant Finder website to search for plants in your zip code or do a little research about the animals native to your region.
Starting today, you can learn how
to experience the magic of nature from home with
Disney’s Wilderness Explorers at Home 
on the
My Disney Experience app.
Sure, you recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans, but there are probably a lot more things that you could be recycling.
Take this time to refresh your knowledge of local recycling rules, and find out where you can 
and electronic waste.
Shop sustainable brands online!
Watch an Earth documentary!
Rethink Food Scraps!


We all love shopping online and most of us during this stay home in place are doing more and more of this each day. 
Make your next purchase easier
on the environment by buying recycled items!  Shop around for sites that use recycled products. 
One site that might be helpful during this time is called
offering household essentials and much more are available on this site!
Check it out today!
Cure your cabin fever today by watching a documentary. 
Check out Netflix, Our Planet, a stunning docuseries hosted by David Attenborough that features beautiful footage and explores how climate change has impacted our world.
Disney+ recently released Disneynature’s “Elephant” and “Dolphin Reef,” which come with a downloadable activity packet, perfect for kids learning from home.
Approximately 30 to 40 percent of the U.S. food supply becomes waste, according to the USDA.
  • Little by little all this waste adds up, over a year the average family throws away unfathomable amounts of food shopping – equivalent to an annual utility bill.

  • Some of the waste is made up of things like peelings, cores, and bones, but the majority is, or once was perfectly good food.

  • Most of it ends up in landfill sites where it rots and releases methane, a damaging greenhouse gas.

  • Throwing away food is also a huge waste of the energy, water, and packaging used in its production, transportation, and storage. 
Look for STARS!
Donate to Charity!
Take a Virtual TRIP!


virtual earth
April 16 to April 25 this year, the Lyrid meteor shower is a long-running and occasionally incredible celestial event.
Due to peak in the early hours of Wednesday, April 22, the Lyrids usually produce about 10 to 20 shooting stars per hour, though the shower has been known to sometimes produce hundreds for lucky onlookers. Each shooting star whizzes overhead at 30 miles per second, according to NASA.
Earth Day just happens to correspond with the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower, so there’s never been a better time to learn how to stargaze. If clear skies permit, get outside and look up — you might be rewarded with a shooting star or two.

While you might not be able to participate in group Earth Day activities like beach cleanups or festivals, you can still make a difference from home.
Now is the perfect time to go through your clothes and personal items!
Bag up those clothes that you can't fit into, or no longer wear.  Go through your games, shoes, and other recyclable items.  
Tired of the same old look?  Repurpose your old clothes?  Get out your needle and thread, Check out Pinterest and get
If you can’t get outside, bring the outdoors in with a virtual field trip!
You can take a virtual tour to explore the Great Barrier Reef or take a walk through the British Museum.
Want More???
Check out
NASA's Mission Operations
Virtual Tours

NASA offers a wide variety of learning on from tutorials to virtual reality to interactive activities.
Just for fun - Let's take a trip to
Resources above from Travel and leisure.